Junior Camp

Space is limited.

When: Mondays beginning June 14th for 10 weeks

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Cost: $30 for registration plus $10 each week. You can also pay the total $130 all at once if you prefer.

Format: We will have 4 stations and spend half an hour at each one. One will be playing golf on the course, one will be swing lessons on the range, one will be on the putting green, and the last one will be on the short game practice area.

Your child will learn technique as well as how to love the game. We want the kids to have fun while also improving their game.

Your child is welcome to continue to golf after the conclusion of a day’s camp. The cost is $10 for 9 holes walking and $12 for 18 holes walking. If you do plan to have your child golf after, be sure to make a tee time at drop-off or earlier.


Selected Value: 10